Alcohol Marketing Moment of the Week: Southern Comfort

Check out this majestic mustached man crush karate moves in a vintage inspired hair salon, set against a sultry tune backdrop.

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Skype Marketing Win.


Skype #FTW

Originally posted on Experiences For Mankind:

An emotional spot brilliantly executed by Skype tells the story of two best friends who share a bond made possible only through video sharing – and brought to life when they meet for the first time.

Forewarning: tissues are highly recommended.

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PSY and Snoop Pair Up in New Song: Hangover

I don’t really know what the point of this is and good God is it long… but I watched it all the way through and you probably should too.

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What do you get when you cross a Google spot with an inspiring Rubik’s Cube metaphor? The power to change the world.

Originally posted on Experiences For Mankind:

Google has done it again. In their most recent ad, which celebrates Ernő Rubik, inventor of the Rubik’s Cube – the search mogul uses the 1970s game as an inspiring metaphor encouraging the vitality of fostering problem solving skills coupled with the fine art of asking questions for the next generation of potential inventors – ie: kids.

The casual vernacular uses allusions to automatic grilled cheese makers, time machines and even, time machines with automatic grilled cheese makers. The ad poses a question then about the future invention of these seemingly impossible – but awesome things. It asks how future inventors get to be future inventors – without which our cool time machine centric grilled cheese makers will cease to exist. Rubik himself is interviewed in this gem of a spot and notes that the problem with old schooling is that they were teaching answers while what is arguably more important than the answers, are the questions that…

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You Know You’re 27 When…

So I’ve been 27 for a few weeks now and thought in honor of my fare birthday month, I’d throw together a little listcicle for the occasion. Now I know not all of these will apply to everyone… but surely a few will resonate. #Turn27forWhat #ForeverYoung #27isthenew25

– You have to drink 2 liters of water daily just to feel normal.

– Fast food hangovers are real. Cost benefit analysis says no.

– Getting tipsy off a few bottles of good wine sounds significantly better than taking tequila shots at a loud club

– Sleeping in? HA. Only whilst sober… and then we wake up to be “productive”.

– 2 beers feel like 6 in the morning.

– Doing new things and going to new places is like crack to us. No more being totally validated by going to the same bar every night.

– When you do ‘go hard’ – weird sh*t happens

– 24 year olds say new ‘it’ words… and you don’t know what they mean.

– When a hot 22 year old young thang gives you the eyes…and you don’t quite know what to say.

– Things don’t always work like they used to…

At the end of the day though, here’s to us still going hard in the paint in nearly every aspect of our lives… just not all at the same time.

To 27 and beyond…


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Sometimes the Internet is Awesome.


Reddit users caught wind of the above SOS message from Hazel Hammerserley, a patient at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles earlier this week. The message read “Send Pizza, Room 4112″ during a day of aggressive cancer treatments. What happened next was nothing short of awesome.

Pizza poured into little Hazel’s room to the point that her mom had to request a pepperoni ceasefire – the best kind of ceasefire to call.

Needless to say, Hazel was thrilled and her day was brightened in the cheesiest of ways. Well played Internet, well played.



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Guys, it’s hot out. Want an ice cream?

if you didn’t before…

you sure do now.

so go get one.


yea, that’s the stuff.


Turns Out Whales Explode, Who Knew?


In case you missed the #trending news yesterday, a big ass, 60 ton blue whale has beached itself on the shores of a 600 person town in Newfoundland. Why should I care, you ask, aside from the strange fascination with dead whales everyone has but no one talks about? Well – did you know WHALES EXPLODE once they’re did? I sure at sh** didn’t.

If you’re squeamish… at all… might want to rethink clicking the ol’ play button. This stuff is weirdly fascinating though sooooo, take a peeksie to see the top 3 exploding whale shots captured in the last few years.


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