Facebook Takes Over The World

Check out Pete from Mashable’s Article on CNN – Facebook’s new competition. Should Google buy Twitter? They can and they might – it would be an easy way to buy some time anyway…while they sort out their next step to keep facebook from taking over the interweb as the most powerful search engine out there. Read it.

Read about foursquare, new york and the life of start up people in the big apple. Read it.

See what the History Channel is doing with foursquare! Straight from Dennis’, the founder of foursquare, flickr account. Read it.

Send your twitter friends REAL gifts ….real random gifts… with Twitgift. From cookies and a droid phone case, to a necklace that says “Tweet”, these gifts better improve. The idea though, is a solid one. Send gifts to your friends without needing their address or shipping info. Here’s a video from Mashable.

And finally, a shout out to Lufthansa for drying the tears of a man who lost his iphone….by buying him a flight to Germany and beer. Read it.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more social media things you should know…or are interesting, entertaining and completely random.

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