The Future of Business Cards – Sticky Bits

Link: The Future of Business Cards – Sticky Bits

While I would have named this stunningly brilliant concept something entirely different (who the heck is responsible for Sticky Bit?) and made the website much less Asian cartoon happy, it’s actually a pretty baller idea.

The gist is this: print out personalized bar codes on labels. Place said labels wherever you like – business cards, resumes, doors, bus stops, poles, faces, you name it, you stick it.

Once you have completed this vital step, smart phone bar code scanners come into play. People can scan these anytime and where and be automatically directed to the website of your choice. Whether that be a video of you skydiving linked to your resume (adding a little spark to your extracurriculars), your blog linked to your business card, or a sweet family video attached to a birthday card, the options are endless. I warn though, be wary of willy nilly scanning – in restroom stalls perhaps? Just lookin’ out.  

Click the title to check out the full Urban Daddy Feature.

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Happy Printing.

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