Reader Participation

So a few months back when I first embarked upon this whole Blog thing, my best friend Zoe and I toyed around with a few ideas involving classes for the technologically naive and unaware. These would be classes primarily for adults, teaching them the basics of what it is we tech savvy Internet kids take for granted. We tried to get a space to do it (for no money of course) and get the word out there, and while the initial response was great, the idea fizzled away.

In reading Mashable’s latest article on appealing to the Blogger target market, it got me thinking about my goals for this blog. I want to archive things I find interesting for myself and for my readers…if there are any. That being said, if people like my parents and your parents and their friends and your friends take a glance at this once a week, see that I mention posting a picture or photo album to facebook or reading about a topic on the Internet and they don’t know how to do these things, there’s where I come in.

What Im really trying to say is that simply: there are a lot of technologically unsavvy people out there, wanting to know more but are too embarrassed, stubborn or lazy to ask about the expansive, overwhelming mess that is the Internet. If that’s the case, email me and either I’ll answer your question or maybe, down the line, this will evolve into our original plan – getting small groups together to ask questions about anything from facebook, gmail and Google to social media, iphoto, and whatever’s going on with Yelp. Let me know and we’ll work something out.

Knowledge is key. The key to knowledge is making it easily accessible. 

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