FourSquare and the Future

See what companies like PepsiCo, Tasti Delight, Best Buy and Macy’s have announced with respect to the future of location based check ins. Foursquare is taking over – will you be in?

Foursquare also announced a tool in June allowing businesses to get even more info about their clientele. Here’s what the New York Times says: “With the new tool, businesses will be able to see a range of real-time data about Foursquare usage, including who has “checked in” to the place via Foursquare, when they arrived, the male-to-female customer ratio and which times of day are more active for certain customers. Business owners will also be able to offer instant promotions to try to engage new customers and keep current ones….There will also be a Staff page available to each business that will allow employees to interact directly with customers using social networks.” Read More.

I’m literally blown away by this. 


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