Buzz Voice for iPhone. Listen On The Go. Get Things done.

This amazing app I just discovered is perhaps the answer to my prayers. Do you often find yourself feeling guilty for not keeping up with the latest news, breaking stories etc? I do. I scour the Internet for the latest social media news…it’s my job…but neglect it on the weekends. I am well aware of the latest facebook update, twitter trend or Google related news topic, but glaze over politics, sports, local news, the list goes on. 

If you’re like me, you multitask. I return calls in the car, text back at stop lights and check email while brushing my teeth. I’m never 100% focused on anything and I’m not saying that’s a good thing…but it’s just how it is. That being said, my free minutes are numbered to say the least – and I want to take advantage of each and every one. Introducing Buzz Voice – another aid to help you multitask. This app will be the best $1.99 you’ve ever spend. It reads aloud your favorite blogs, news sources etc to you via a computer generated voice. Whether you’re in the car, a train, walking or even at the gym (let’s be honest, I’ll probably be better listening to the latest Mashable article than watching Former Playmate Kendra’s new reality show), this app will keep you on the forefront of today, giving you intelligent conversation topics for tonight. Enjoy the Buzz.

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