Old ladies with lots of cats will be thrilled…

Just in case you’re worried you’re on the path to becoming a cat person….rest easy as a new technology has just launched. Here’s what it is: 

“This revolutionary new toy, which was created with the help of the University of Tokyo, comes all pimped out with a camera, an acceleration sensor and a GPS, which monitors kitty’s every move, translating actions like walking, eating and sleeping into tweets. Sadly, there are only 11 fixed phrases currently available (I’m guessing, “I left a lovely hairball in your sneaker” is not among them), but Sony CSL is hoping to improve Fluffy’s conversational skills soon.

The device fits easily onto the cat’s collar, so as to avoid hindering its movement, which means your cat can tweet all over the neighborhood.”

So there you have it. Cats can tweet. Interested in other things tweeting? Apparently there is a device that allows beds to tweet…after newlyweds have their way with it.

And you thought I was crazy with the cats….

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