I wrote a piece of poetry- from Mr Scott Hanscom

I wrote a piece of poetry – a poem from Mr Scott Hanscom

Check out his blog – with flares of banter and hints of sarcasm, this tale of a writer in LA is surely worth checking out….and hiring if you happen to be in need of such a human. For the record, he’s not a full time pet poet so much as a screen writer…but I liked this and chose to reblog it -and this is my blog..so enjoy.


Cats. Lots
of cats.
One for each girl.
And one for each boy.
One for each finger
And one for each toy.

Meow, oh meow.
Let them roar, but don’t let them scratch

the shit out of you.
A poem by Scott Hanscom
Yes this is still part of the poem.
It will end after the next line.
Lily’s lilies looked lovely leaning.

c. 2010

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