Do your social and fitness life "fit together?"

This new social networking site has taken the fit minded by storm. It’s called Fit Together ( and it’s the perfect place to socialize, exercise and network! With a new interface coming soon, don’t think this is the last time I’ll mention this up and coming site. With featured trainers, chiropractors, massage therapists and more, in addition to forums, chat rooms and the ability for you to sync up all your social networks with this site, it’s the answer to your prayers.

Are you a runner? Check out the calendar for upcoming races, fundraisers, sales and more. Into yoga? See who’s doing what where! Are you a trainer or gym buff looking for someone to train with? Someone to yoga with? Someone to shop for athletic clothes with? The answers are all there. With new tools like calorie counters, video and much more, this site is the perfect fusion of all things fit and social. Check it out at and stay tuned for more info and a BRAND new interface, other social outlets and more coming soon. Remember, Fit Together is where Fitness Meets. 

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