A duck goes into a drugstore and asks for a Chapstick…

had to reblog Didnt even need to read it…the title is a winner in and of itself..


My friend Brian and I started trying to write a web comic based on this idea:

“What about:  “The King of Duck Island”, short comics featuring moments in the life of King Duck, monarchical leader of Duck Island, a modernized island society of ducks (i.e. Bakery Duck, Teacher Duck, etc.); I think the dialogue between King Duck and Main Servant Duck alone could be pretty funny; I don’t know I just think a deadpan society of ducks is funny. “

                                                                                       -Brian Simpson 

We worked on it for a week or two and then we both got pretty busy [HAHA, YEAH RIGHT -ed] and it sort of died, but not before I had sketched a few panels in MSPaint.  Here are some of them.

… “Will that be cash or check?” asks the clerk. The duck replies, “Just put it on my bill.”

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