Once a Hobby, Now a Business

Josiah weighs in on how to make your passion your business..


We all have hobbies, things we like to do in our spare time that make us happy. What happens when doing something you used to do for fun changes into a way of making money, a business? Well it really depends on whether you keep that love for what you are doing and maintain a steady stream of income from it, content with that as it is or it becomes about the money and no longer about the hobby.

Lets say there is a young woman that begins painting pictures. She was inspired by the class she took and wanted to explore the art. As she painted more and more, she began to dive deeper, going to art exhibits whenever time would allow. A art dealer picks up on some of her work and offers to buy a couple pieces. What would you do in her situation? Of course, sell the pictures, especially if you needed the money.

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