It’s called Bar Tab – and it’s awesome

You can buy $1 drinks on this recently released app and it’s awesome. Basically the gist is this: buy a drink for a friend on Bar Tab- it posts to their facebook wall – then they get a coupon text with the actual voucher. I mean, if someone’s gonna buy me a drink, they may as well do it electronically right? Right now this wonderful innovation in the tech savvy happy hour goers crowd is only in NYC, LA and SF but it’ll be quick to spread I guarantee it. 

Shockingly, you don’t even have to have a smart phone to take advantage of this beauty. Your lucky drink recipient has 90 days to claim their bev at the bar. Here’s what the site says:


1. Click “Buy a $1 Drink” from the Bartab Homepage (
2. Connect to Facebook through Bartab then decide who the lucky recipient is
3. Pick the bar and the drink
4. Pay a buck and attach a message to let them know why you’re being so generous
5. If they haven’t caught on to Bartab yet, enter their cell # to text them the drink


When they’re ready to drink up (no rush, they have 90 days to claim) all they have to do is reply to the text and show the bartender the digital drink ticket. Remember, once they’ve accepted the drink they only have 5 minutes so now’s the time to get a move on…

* If you’re an all-about-me kind of person and would rather send drinks to yourself, just follow the same instructions. Sharing is caring but sometimes you have to take care of #1…we get it.

Read more about it HERE

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