"Send an email from the grave"

“Send an email from the grave” is, and I’m not kidding about this, the tag line for one of the many sites that deals with putting your cyber soul to rest after death. Personally, without other people discussing this morbid nerd topic, I’d have never thought twice about what happens to your avatars, accounts and profiles after crossing over to the great beyond. According to Mashable though, there are over 500 million dormant facebook accounts due to death – and that’s a LOT if you think about it. I don’t personally know what kind of effect that vast amout of cyber baggage has, but I’d imagine the world wide web has to suffer a bit.

Anyway, apparently these are the seven best sites to “send an email from the grave” – I’m still not over that gem. From DeathSwitch and MyWebWill to Legacy Locker and Great Goodbye, make sure your after life is pleasant (?) for those you’ve left behind.

Please enjoy the picture included in the original article.

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