Turning a New Leaf: An Active Approach to Social Media

After a long chat with marketing professional Mark Schaefer (@markwschaefer) last week, I started to really question my approach toward building my personal brand. I like to think I’m taking the necessary steps- I blog, I tweet, I research, I listen, I even go to networking events (which I highly recommend by the way) – but in talking to Mark, I realized that in order to truly grow my brand online, I cannot just listen, retweet and blog about what other people are saying, I have to create original content, content that is totally unique to me, content that only I can create.

I suppose I didn’t consider myself an expert before now- just a vehicle by which to deliver social media and tech advances to my friends and followers, most of whom have no idea what’s going on in my world. Now though, I realize that I need to create my own voice – I love writing after all – and really commit to my blog, give it a shot to grow.

Mark and I talked about tags, SEO and how he promotes his work, seeing as it gets thousands of views and comments on his posts. What I loved most about his take is that his stance is totally organic. He focuses on quality and clearly, has been wildly successful doing so. He is willing to help and educate others and I’m the perfect example of that. It’s both refreshing and reassuring to know that hard work, passion and persistence can and do lead to success. Anyway here’s to a new take on my blogging/branding style. My blog is called Deviate From The Norm because I pride myself on my ability to take my own path and not one paved by anyone else. That being said, I’ve been a bit of a hypocrite – posting unoriginal content. That’s not to say my random photos, stories, reblogs or retweets will stop anytime soon- they’re important too- but that does mean that I am taking an active rather than passive stance toward my personal brand so get excited for some fabulously witty, snarky content by this marketing maverick. 

More posts to come on Mark and my discussion and I’d like to thank him again for taking the time to talk to me and for inspiring a new, active sense of clarity – I look forward to guest blogging my proudest work in the future 🙂

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