The Klout Klub: Alliteration of the Elite

I recently searched for an article on a concept brought up in my call with Mark Schaefer about a Las Vegas hotel offering rewards and perks for social media guruswith high Klout Scores. For those of you who don’t know, Klout is a system by which to measure your social media worth or impact. It’s a complex algorithm using the number of followers you have on twitter, who they are, what you tweet, re tweet etc and assigns you a number. The higher the number, the more influential you are in the twit-verse. Apparently they’re going to start incorporating data from facebook, youtube etc into this number but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Back to my point, this Las Vegas hotel, which I later found out is the Palms, has introduced “The Klout Klub,” which “will allow high-ranking influencers to experience Palms’ impressive set of amenities in hopes that these influencers will want to communicate their positive experience to their followers,” according to AdAge. As they say, a tweet is worth 1,000 impressions, or millions as the case may be. Some people, like the author of this article  are skeptical about the basic idea around which this marketing ploy is based. They go so far as to worry about other companies, say banks giving loans for example, using this concept to give deals to the popular kids, leaving the nerds with the high mortgage rates, while the high ranking Klouters snag the best lunch tables in the best part of the cafeteria. 

I disagree. It’s a reward system. High ranking Klouters ARE influential and they are that way for a reason. They have the power to reach an expansive audience in two shakes of a bluebirds tail and seeing as they’ll be talking about where they are and what they’re doing regardless, better give them some incentive to come to your venue and love it, than someone else’s. This concept makes celeb status accessible to the masses – granted, you have to work hard to be web famous- trust me it’s no easy feat- but once you do, why not enjoy the fruits of your efforts? Hey, if I put in my time to blog, tweet and be awesome all the way to 20,000+ followers, I’ll gladly take the room upgrade and fruit basket in exchange for some characters of praise. That being said, follow me @nicfletch (shameless plug I know). I think in the future we’ll be seeing a lot more incentive programs like the Klout Klub and more power to ‘em for this is the social media revolution where tweeters prosper and klout scores soar. 

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