Oreo-e-o, Like, Like, Like

In watching a recording of a social media conference, I learned some pretty interesting things about Oreo’s social standpoint and some facts that may very well blow your socks off.

This conference took place on August 11, 2010 – the speaker began by expressing her feigned annoyance in that while she started putting together the presentation a few weeks earlier, she was forced to consistently edit it as a result of Oreo’s staggering fan growth. Okay, I thought, I get it. Oreo wants their information to be the most recent, the most impressive, they want to report the biggest numbers possible. Then she noted a fan increase of 200,000 … overnight. After picking my jaw up off the floor I frantically surfed to Oreo’s fan page. This speaker noted the number of fans to have been 8.4 million in early August. It’s now December. Oreo boasts an astonishing 16 million fans. You heard me correctly friends; Oreo doubled their fans in 4 months. Party on Oreo.


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