Social Stats: Gotta Love Em

Thanks MarketingProfs For the Social Media Statistics.   Can you believe double the number of people check facebook daily over watching television??

Digital media is trouncing traditional channels among up-and-coming Millennials: 81% of affluent Gen-Y adults use Facebook every day—roughly double the number who read newspaper content (45%) or watch TV (44%) daily, according to a new study by L2. Moreover, 45% of such consumers read at least one blog every day.

Gen-Y affluents are 27 years old on average, and they are on a path to earn over $100,000 annually in the short term, and double that income within the next five years, according to the study.

Facebook is fundamental among Gen-Y affluents:

  • Over one-half say their attitudes about brands are shaped by Facebook.
  • 54% have “liked” a brand on Facebook in the previous month.
  • 38% have posted a comment in the previous month.
  • 30% have “shared” brands with their networks in the previous month.

Below, other findings from the L2 study titled Gen Y Affluents, based on a survey of 535 young adults.

Gen-Y affluents are both brand aware and eager to interact: Three-quarters have some affinity for brands, either “following a few good brands” (43%) or getting the “occasional brand crush” (32%); another 12% are self-proclaimed brand “devotees.”

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