Where Mobile Meets Social-Easy Ways to Post Pics and Updates on the Go

As posted on the Jacob Tyler Creative Blog ..by me

Certainly people know by now that consistent content is integral to the maintenance and growth of your Facebook Fan Page and overall social media marketing plan. This might be obvious to many of you but for those of you who are just getting your feet wet in social, this is for you. Here is a quick and simple guide to posting to your page on the go.

Don’t have an iphone? That’s okay. All you need is email access on your phone and you’ll be up and posting pictures and updates in no time.

Step 1. Go to your fan page. Click edit page.


*Extra Tip: Now you can use Facebook AS your page. That means you can post on other Fan Pages (not profiles) as your brand, thereby expanding your brand awareness naturally and organically! You can also click Account on the top right of the page, and click “Use Facebook As Page”. If you’re an admin of more than one page, you can select which page you’d like to post as.

Step 2. Click Mobile from the list of icons on the left of the page. There, under number one, Facebook has provided you with an email address unique to your Fan Page. Simply take a picture with your phone and email it to that email address with the associated text in the subject line. If you want to just update your status, type your status in the subject line while you leave the body of the email blank. iphone makes posting to Facebook easy but a lot of other phones don’t. If you have any of these phones, give this a try!


If you DO have a smart phone, particularly an iphone (sorry other phones…that’s what I have) and you want to add your fan page to your favorites for easy monitoring and updates, follow these steps to quickly add your page and easily access it anytime.

1. Go to the main Facebook application menu.
2. Slide from right to left to see your “favorites”3. Tap the + Button in the top right Corner. It will automatically land on your friends so that you can easily stalk your “favorites”. Switch this view to “Pages”, as seen below.

3. Then, simply tap on your fan page or another you’d like to keep an eye on and it will add to the afore seen “favorites” screen. Simple as that, you can post, comment and keep easy track of your fan page.

Hope this quick guide to easy posting was helpful. Please visit us on our Facebook Fan Page and feel free to post any questions you may have. We’d be happy to answer!


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