Foursquare’s Newest Partner: Groupon.

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App lovers unite – for I’m about to solve all of your problems. Foursquare has officially partnered with Groupon and all is right with the world. Aside from my being a giant Dennis Crowley, the founder of Foursquare, fan, this new partnership makes  a ton of sense and here’s why: Foursquare specials exist and are awesome, of course, but they aren’t the end all be all. After all, how exciting, really, is a free meat board on my 5th check in? That said, once this integration takes place, you’ll be able to use the Explore feature in your foursquare app to search deals based on your location. Say for example you’re visiting a new city and restaurant X and Y are fairly comparable in price, reviews, distance, you get the idea. If Y though, has  $15 for $30 or even a $75 for $100 Groupon live and taking place…there really would be no question in your mind. You’re going to Y. No doubt about it.

This merger really solidifies the social gaming experience Foursquare provides. You’re able to explore, engage, do, save, review and enjoy all from one place: your Foursquare app. If you’re not a Foursquare user yet, try it out. I pretty much guarantee you’ll get addicted seeing as it truly enhance your inspiration to explore your own town..and others you might visit. Enjoy, check in and be merry.

As posted on the JT Creative Blog.

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