Honda Takes Pinners on a ‘Pintermission’

Honda kicks it up a notch by offering top Pinners (on Pinterest) $500 to take an “Pintermission” – where they take a 24 hour break from Pinning to buy, experience, get what they’ve been pinning about.

Honda marks the first auto brand, and one of the first major brands, to make a blatant marketing push into the Pin-space. It sounds though like this is a test move for the comany and their long time agency RPA, as they gather data, followers, and media attention. So far the selected Pinners seem to be buying trips to London and Hawaii… and not cars. Oh well, brand perception and loyalty are the name of the game these days anyway right?

An AdAge article said, ‘Honda “wanted to have the opportunity to put images of our cars on there … as a way to drive people back to our website. Most of our images link back to, and [users] can find out more about the car that way.'”

All in all, touche Honda. Let’s see how well you do with this.

Read more about the promo on AdAge.


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