You Know You’re from San Diego If…

Being a native San Diegan is like being a unicorn- we’re rare any mythical creatures the transplants and misfits only dream about meeting. We exist though dammit- and it is only we who would know the following secrets and gems our great town has to offer.

Addendum: A north county San Diegan recently told me this post is a bit south county (and by south county I mean La Jolla/PB/Claremont/PL) biased. I apologize for leaving you northern natives out of the loop so feel free to add to my list if you feel so inclined.

Without further adieu, you know you’re from San Diego if…

1. MXN will forever be known as Santana’s and if you say anything different… I hate you.

2. You’ve been Ice Blocking in Presidio Park and loved every minute of it.

3. You will always think of Qualcomm as ‘The Murph’.

4. You’ve seen the Grunion Run.. and boy do those bastards run.

5. You know what Recess is (think Mission Bay Golf Course) and you’ve made the VIP list once… or twice… or more than twice.

6.  If hearing someone say ‘hella’ sends chills down your spine and the term ‘daygo’ makes you want to die.

7. It’s not weird when you’re on the boardwalk, and some guy in a tanktop roller blades by in slow motion while blaring classical music.

8. You know how to pronounce Cuyamaca…but have never been there.

9. Every set of directions you give or receive starts with “the 5 South” or “the 5 North”

10. If you move to a different city, you bring your own french fries to put in your burrito.

11. Without the ocean, you have no idea what way West, North, East and South are.

12. When someone has “their card,” and it’s not a business card.

13. You’re dying of heat if it’s over 90 degrees and freezing if it’s below 60.

14.  You have a Twitter profile pic with sunglasses and a remotely serious countenance…(tweet at me if this is you)

15. You will NEVER call the Del Mar Fair, the San Diego County Fair or Christmas on the Prado, December Nights.

16. You remember Star 100.7 and Whirl til you Hurl. So awesome.

Thanks for contributions by Charlie Van Vechten, Drew Haskett, Matt Rowan, Ran Dizzle, Scotty Fletcher, Chris Denton, Tomas Urtasun and Melodie Tao and of course, by the great city of San Diego. Have any to add? Comment or tweet at me and I’ll add em.

Photo credit to Ryan Graves.

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