“Those are some good looking genes you got there”

I was up and off to yoga early this morning when I quickly perused the barrage of junk mail that frequents my inbox on a daily basis. Usually I skim and delete through the majority of it but this daily deal caught my eye.

For $150 (valued at $436 mind you) you can enjoy your very own canvas print of YOUR DNA. Am I kidding? No. I’m not.

The opening line of the deal reads: “Beauty comes from within; show off what makes you you with beautifully rendered art!”

Again, not kidding.

You can pick from a plethora of color schemes and even add a signature – though I’m not sure what your John Hancock has to do with this at all. I find this concept hilarious and I hope you do too.

*Please also note the number of deals purchased: 1.



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