Internet Explorer Overcomes Mass Hatred with a #90s Throwback

I must admit –  I – an Internet Explorer hater – am gosh darn impressed by their brand reinvention as of late. From their “Do you know this guy?” video and the ‘More Beautiful web’ campaign, to finally, the ‘Child of the 90s’ video that stole my heart… I’ll admit that I’m tempted to download the latest IE and give it a whirl. Aside from the fact that they call out slap bracelets, floppy disks, fanny packs, and even Oregon Trail, they have brilliantly played on the fact that well – everyone hates them. 

IE has been a huge #fail for those of us in the biz. From websites loading at a glacial pace and error reports galore, to computer crashes and more, IE has not been any friend of mine in recent years. Instead of being defensive of their short comings however, they have managed to make the truth their biggest asset. The latest video’s tagline, “You grew up, so did we” targets the perfect age group of IE haters (ie: –ha, get it? – myself and others now in their mid to late 20s) and challenges us to experience their grown up reinvention by appealing to things we hold dear. Not gonna lie – anyone who knows me is well aware of the warm fuzzies I get when I think back to skip its, troll dolls, and slamming pogs. True story.

The following video is a gem worth watching. Whether or not its worth an IE download is entirely your call but take a moment, a gander, and appreciate some smart marketing.


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