Harney Sushi Introduces Edible QR Codes


No guys – I’m absolutely not kidding, Harney Sushi has introduced edible QR codes set amidst your favorite sashimi selections. They’re made of tiny rice paper squares with a safe-to-eat ink in an effort to ‘roll’ (ha, get it?) out  their latest sustainability initiative.

Scan the code with your phone and it will direct you to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) FishWatch website. The reason? Exec Chef Robert Ruiz was frustrated at the limited and often inaccurate fish information available in San Diego. He insists that it’s important to know what you’re consumer and where it came from.

According to DiscoverSD, Ruiz recently met with Bill Fox, the Vice President of the World Wildlife Foundation who works on sustainability at a global level in the United Nations. Bill is super excited about the potential of these QR codes and the headway they will make toward giving consumers the tools they need to educate themselves about sustainable eating- and subsequently expect transparency from local restaurants.

Ruiz also noted that they, “discovered a giant hole in the sushi industry, and the hole is that no one knows where their fish comes from”. Too many sushi bars rely on customers being uneducated so that they can sell whatever they want. The codes create traceability … and another #win for #socialmedia.

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One thought on “Harney Sushi Introduces Edible QR Codes

  1. Peggy Gartin says:

    That’s an interesting application for QR codes. But because QR codes aren’t decipherable by the human eye, it’s also possible that the QR code for salmon ends up on my yellowtail – thus negating the benefits. How will the busy sushi chef ensure that the right QR code makes it onto the right fish?

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