Buzzfeed + Gary Vaynerchuk Unite … peel banana, peel peel banana*

BuzzFeed_Authorized_Storyteller_2   +    GaryVaynerchuk

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted something industry-informative so here goes. Buzzfeed has now officially (yes officially, it’s on the wire) partnered with VaynerMedia – Gary  Vaynerchuk’s agency-  to test a pilot Social Storytelling Creator Program. Vayner-folk will help test the program with extensive training from the Buzzfeed team and will work with brands including GE (who’s lighting division is a client of EFM – my new agency), Milkbone and Trident.

According to my main man Gar, “Brands need to do a better job storytelling and bringing value to their customer. The age of disruptive ads is coming to an end, and models like BuzzFeed are the future of advertising. VaynerMedia is beyond humbled to be piloting this program with Jonah, Jon and their amazing team.” I agree and would like to proclaim this partnership ‘one to watch’. In doing a bit more research, I found an AdAge article from January of 2012  claiming that a GE Study Proves Consumers Respond More to Shared Content Than to Paid Placements. Seems a bit ahead of its time, right? I feel like the masses didn’t fully subscribe to this metaphorical bandwagon until more recently. I tip my hat of innovation to you GE – touché.

Paul Marcum, Director of Global Digital Marketing and Programming at GE said this about the partnership: “Like GE, the BuzzFeed community has an inexhaustible appetite for invention and we’ve long enjoyed sharing our technology stories with them. Now, with our partner VaynerMedia and the Social Storytelling Creator Program we see an exciting platform for increasing our speed and growing overall engagement.”

This partnership seems sound and I’m curious to see how the future content differs from the past – as GE’s content has been pretty stellar thus far. From nerdy math jokes and you know you’re a creative when, to making fun of Instagram and improving efficiency with awesome apps, you’re gonna want to take a look at their Buzzfeed profile. They successfully fuse their brand name and voice into the content they create in an unobtrusive way. As a result, I, as the consumer am more engaged and  likely to share. They make me like their brand – no, not just on Facebook, but like the persona they’ve created to represent it. That my fare marketers is the way all this is going. Make me like you, I’ll have your back for life. #smartmarketing.

In closing I’d like to give a shout out to my fellow Bruin and pal Geoff Lewis, content creator master flex at VaynerMedia – who will undoubtedly crush it in his creative and entrepreneurial hustling… now tell Gary he needs a website redesign. 

*anyone get this besides Julie Insinger? 

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