Where Pirates & Kirby Meet in Musical Harmony

I’m fortunate to be constantly surrounded by creative people – it’s true … but this guy has so seriously impressed me, I had to share some of his work. Aside from the fact we went to ‘rival‘ high schools, we now work together. Mike is a motion graphics and video wizard at EFM and while I gotta say, he leads with being pretty damn musical, his stuff is on another level.

He’s in 2 bands.. and I guarantee they’re unlike anything you’ve heard before.

The first is called The Dread Crew of Oddwood and they just got on Spotify. I know what you’re thinking. Damn hipsters and their complex band names. Well ladies and gents, this time, that is not the case. These scalliwags are in a pirate band; yes, a pirate band – and they’re badass. They just finished up a 7 week gig in LA and are hitting the road this August for a summer tour. All I want to do is dress like a pirate and listen to them – that’s how good they are. Complete with costumes that put Jack Sparrow himself to shame, killer alter egos, toy keyboards, abnormally small accordions, and pirate puppets derived from Jim Henson himself, these guys pretty much nailed it. They write their own stuff and tell some pretty white-collar inspired historical tales, so cast off the bowlines and get ready for some lewd lyrics and gore galore. Find them on Facebook. 


His other band is called – wait for it… Kirby’s Dream Band and yes, they’re a Nintendo cover band. After winning a Kirby’s 25th Birthday contest this past year, they catapulted themselves onto the metaphorical map. Complete with Kirby tees, Kirby cozies, short shorts, and waist deep in bubble gum pink balloons, these guys are any 90s kid’s dream. Find them on Facebook.

In bringing a motley crew of pirates and strangely famous small pink marshmallows together,

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