Let’s Talk About #2: Dollar Shave Club’s Second Video About … Poop

By now, you’ve all seen Dollar Shave Club and the comedic brilliance that exudes from its every moment. Well, we’ve all been waiting and video number two has finally dropped … in more than one way.

Maybe it’s because I’m a girl and I’ve been socially conditioned to think poop is gross. Maybe it’s because, especially after the awesomeness of video number one, this numero deuce seems pretty budget. Either way, I’m not super impressed with this sequel. #justsayin.

UPDATE: Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin said, “Our goal is to own the bathroom and to be the easiest place for guys to get the things they use every day”. Make sense, especially when you delve into the financials of the toilet paper industry. With annual sales upwards of $8.4 billion, according to Nielsen data from Deutsche Bank, vs. $3.6 billion for razors and blades, that’s a pretty big market to target.

Wet toilet paper though? Not really sure that’s going to be a trending Twitter topic anytime soon. Dollar Shave Club though, took the initiative and held a survey of 1,000 men, which found that a whopping 51% use wet wipes regularly, and 16% use them instead of TP. Here’s the catch though – they absolutely don’t talk about it. 24% hide them in the bathroom and just over 20% buy them in secret online. Makes sense. Who wants to explain the soggy white stuff beneath the bathroom sink? Not I said the fly.

Take a look at both below.

Dollar Shave Club 2.

Dollar Shave Club 1.

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