You Know You Live In East Village If…

So San Diego is no concrete jungle in the grandest scheme of the phrase- but the East Village is a bubble to say the least.  If you live here, you get it.

1. The mention of having to drive somewhere to do something is an absolute deal breaker.

“You want me to drive somewhere?”

A Comprehensive Glossary Of Gifs

2. You rarely venture outside the ‘triangle’ – Basic, Boot, Bubs … (yes, I just made that up. and yes, it’s #trending)


2.5. And you walk into all of them like this…

3. And you never venture outside the ‘hexagon’ – think ‘triangle’ + Bang Bang, Bailiwick and Barley Mash (damn you South Paw for f***ing up my master alliteration plan)… unless, that is, if you’re going to Fluxx. 


4. Your idea of going to the beach is laying by the pool at FIT. What? The beach doesn’t have lounge chairs, quinoa wraps or guava kambucha.


5. Padres games have become an integral part of your existence. Whether you’re at Petco sipping a craft brew, watching from the ICON or Legend Rooftop or listening intently from the FIT jcuzz… Go Pads.


6. You know – and – are on hug level with at least one bartender/bouncer at every bar in the ‘triangle’.

“Heyyy you” –> Hug –> Line Cut.


7. You know the Good Time Design guys so well, that they now purchase your scotch of choice at South Paw.

“I got you, Jon.” – John


8. Fireball. Shots. On Ice. #fireonice. Nuf said.


9. You’re utterly shocked when your friend suggests going to Fluxx without a table. 

10. You look down when you walk because of what you might find. Especially north of F on 7th.

11. Noble Experiment. You’ve talked about it like you’ve been there… but you haven’t.

12. Convention Center Stairs. You’ve done them. Vowed to do them weekly. And haven’t been since.

3773730477_55cb712565_oScreen Shot 2013-09-24 at 11.09.00 AM

13. You didn’t used to Sunday Funday… but now you do.

14. You’re a proud member of the Andre yoga cult – and find  Lo Ka – Samasta – Sukhino – Bhavantu stuck in your head… a lot. You also are always very aware of what time it is… and where you are. #here #now.
… and you get a kick out of this.
15. This is most likely the last stop of your night… along with a wobbly line out the door of other drunken vagrants – much like yourself.
16.  A “quiet Thursday” night of Happy Hour and early to bed ends up with bottles and berry laden champ at Fluxx… and you have no idea how.
Girl 1 Thoughts: Look hot
Girl 2 Thoughts: Look hot
Brendan’s Thoughts: My eyes feel hammered but this is awesome.
My Thoughts: Holy sh**- It’s Thursday and I’m wearing yoga pants… at Fluxx.
Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 2.17.35 PM
And that’s how you know you live in East Village. Have one I missed? Holla atcha girl.
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3 thoughts on “You Know You Live In East Village If…

  1. Michael says:

    Do I get royalties for my picture usage?! Lol

  2. Andy Carollo says:


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