Virgin America is My New Favorite Airline

Some of you may be thinking, Fletch, how on earth can you make a bold ass claim like that when your own father, Captain Ferdojet Fletcher, was a Delta Captain for over 35 years AND you’ve literally not ever once flown on your new fav airline?

Great question friends – and it’s one you certainly won’t ask once you’ve seen the following in flight safety video.

Now again, you’re probably thinking, I hate those damn VHS quality, 1976 recorded, annoying ass in-flight videos almost as much as I hate the overweight, 57 year old flight attendant who keeps pestering me to turn off my iPhone even though I KNOW there is literally zero chance it will affect the safety or sanctity of my flight.*

Again, great point – BUT this video combines my unencumbered passion for killer, out of the box marketing, the wonderment of creating a memorable brand voice and, you guessed it, musicals.

If any big brand readers out there have the drive or desire to make something like this, holla atcha girl. Mark my words, I will make a video of this magnitude before too long.

Watch. Get chills. Fly Virgin.

*No offense to any former/current flight attendants or pilots I may be friends with on Facebook. I love you all and think you’re beautiful. 


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