What Do You Get When You Mix Pentatonix’s Little Drummer Boy With Short Wearing Santas: A Killer Parody

In case you missed the viral snowstorm recently, Pentatonix recently came out with their own acapella version of The Little Drummer Boy (yea, that link was a hint hint to watch it if you haven’t already). It blew up overnight and I’d be lying if I didn’t divulge the fact that I listened to it … let’s just say more than once. I shared that sh*t with all my co Pitch Perfect aficionados (#represent) (#proudofit) and got lost in the magic of their soothing ass voices and hauntingly beautiful harmonies.

It wasn’t until the <insert unembarassing number here> time watching it that I realized how absolutely ridiculous this video is and that, to agree with the ol Huff Post, it was just begging for a parody.

Thanks to Chubbies – we need beg no more.

From consistent typography and whimsically authentic expressions, to short ass santa shorts set against a picturesque sunlit backdrop and of course the classic beer chug… this is golden. Enjoy.


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