No, I’m not making this up. The following are actual lyrics from B Spear’ new song entitled “Perfume”.

“While I wait I put on my perfume / yeah I want it all over you / I gotta mark my territory.”

Turns out homegirl does NOT understand the meaning of subliminal advertising and strives to mark her territory like a, well, like a dog. The personal product placement in this here video is as suffocating as the near opaque cloud of Fantasy, Spears’ white trash fragrance. So glad they shot this at a motel. That, coupled with the hair extensions set against a plaid shirt backdrop absolutely makes me want to convert to brand advocacy.

Also, she’s singing really loud while on top of her clearly monogamous dude in bed. Is he dead? Brit – did you kill him for hooking up with the brunette? That wasn’t nice Brit.

In all serious though, it’s actually pretty funny what they did here. They wrote a terrible song and turned around a full length visual jingle in order to sell a fragrance that kills every ounce of class and drive that exists in her target market.

Well played Brit. Fooled us all.

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