Dear San Francisco, I now live in you. Love, me.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve very very recently moved to San Francisco from San Diego. Life’s changed a lot in the past month and instead of being the terrible blogger I have been recently, I say – here’s to new beginnings in colder weather (though it’s ironically close to 1 million degrees in the seat I currently inhabit) – let’s do this blog thang.

The next few posts will be centered around my observations/experiences in this new fanged city of mine and to appreciate them, a spoonful of context seems necessary. I moved here, to the Mission by the way, without a ‘job’. Quotes included there because I moved here without what one might call a traditional job. All I can say is #startuplife called and honey, I answered.

They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone and if moving without a salary or health insurance makes me a little uneasy, we’re about 15 end zones past the definition of my parents’ worst nightmare. Here nor there, I’m more than stoked on my decision to pursue hopes and dreams no matter how cliche – and if I have to wade through the bogs of discomfort for an obstacle or 12, so be it.

In the mean time though, with a bunch of promising projects on the beautifully foggy horizon, I’d like to present to you #ballinonabudget (naming cred to DaRealZap). It’s too soon to tell how this lil socioeconomic experiment is going to flow, but cheers to perpetual beta – and the notion that I’ll figure it out as it goes. More to come – gotta whet your palette somehow.

Peace up, atown,



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